Thursday, December 31, 2020

Welcome to the Theta blog!

Welcome to the Theta Phi blog!

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"Pook" Siprin Bellini
1967 Pledge Class President

Monday, July 1, 2019

Alumnae News

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Monday, February 1, 2016

Please Keep Carmella Lagano Alfano in Your Prayers

Janice Oehler shared this message from Carmella Lagano Alfano's husband, Al, today.

Please keep Carmella in your prayers.

On Saturday morning morning Carmella woke up with a fever of 102.3.

We went to the Cape Cod Hospital emergency center where they examined her and admitted her.

She was diagnosed with an upper urinary tract infection involving the right kidney and upper ureter. It is called pyelonephritis.

This infection placed stress on her entire system, including her heart, and test results revealed a high degree of certainty that she had a heart attack.

She is stable now but her temperature continues to go up and down.

The doctors are waiting on test results to pinpoint a treatment plan. They need to know the specific bacterial strain causing the infection and the degree of severity of her heart attack as those factors will determine the treatment plan. She is currently receiving intravenous antibiotics and Heparin, a blood thinner.

Again, please keep her in your prayers.


I was shocked and very sad to hear about Carmella.  We met the very 1st day of Orientation, when new students arrived on campus.  We were both on the same wing of 3rd floor Capen ... such a very long time ago.  We shared meals, classes, laughs and Theta.  I'll be thinking about her and remembering some nice conversations and her very sweet, warm smile.
-Nina (Friedman) Lazar '66

Hi Carmella and Al,
I am thinking of both of you, sending prayers and healing thoughts your way.
Love in Theta,

-Laura Siracusano Dudek 

2/4/16 UPDATE
Thanks for keeping Carmella in your prayers. The past five days have been taxing. While this started off critical, fortunately Carmella is home now.

The doctors are treating her with one of those super antibiotics for 13 days.

Apparently, her heart was stressed by the infection and released the enzyme Troponin, the indicator that a heart attack has occurred. Follow-up tests, echo-cardiogram and nuclear stress test, revealed no heart damage. 

Again, thank you.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Nancy Arcoleo Erikson­­

It’s the spring semester of 1959. Each year Kappa fraternity held a “talent event” called Kappa Kapers. Three Theta Phi gals (seniors) decided they would perform a dance routine to a tune from the show Pajama Game named STEAM HEAT. Notice all three are looking down at their feet rather than smiling at the audience. Also two pairs of feet were facing one way while the third was facing the opposite direction. These are teachers­to­be, not Rockettes!! Somehow, they pulled it off and received a “sit down” ovation for giving it their all. 

The three Class of 1959 dancers were as follows: 
TALL; Jackie Burton, MEDIUM; Ginny Stadtfeld Esser, SHORT; Nancy Arcoleo Erikson­­

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Gail Pieper Brice

So nice to read Theta news, see sisters! 

Here I am 9/10/15 at Montana home, celebrating tenth grandchild's first birthday. 

- Gail Pieper Brice / Class of 1960.

Monday, January 18, 2016

We Mourn the Passing of Maggie Tashiro Caccamo

We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Maggie Tashiro Caccamo.   

Linda Landers emailed me today that Maggie Tashiro Caccamo passed away on Jan. 13th. She was 71 & had been battling leukemia. 
- Janice Oehler 

Maggie's Obituary

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Fall Luncheon 2015

Please send photos!!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Laura Siracusano and Pook Siprin Bellini Reunite in South Carolina

Laura Siracusano Dudek (Class of 1969), and her husband, Tom, visited with my husband, Phil, and me following their very WET trip to the Outer Banks.  It was a fabulous reunion for these two old roomies!

- Pook Siprin Bellini

Monday, October 20, 2014

Fall Luncheon 2014

This year's luncheon, which celebrated our 85th anniversary, was held at beautiful Mohonk Mountain House on October 18th.  If you attended, please send photos!  Be sure to include names of those in the photos.

We had a wonderful time at our sorority luncheon and our 50th celebration dinner at New Paltz!
- Jean Valentine Ward

Sorority roommates 50 years ago on Theta's porch (Lillian Wright Patton, Flo Anton Snider, Jean Valentine Ward, Barbara Wright Passmore) and then again- same place but 50 years later...

Roseanne DiDio Johnston, Joanne Fiori-Powell, Roseanne Senatore Adams
Roseanne Senatore Adams, Pat McKeown Withers, Bobbi burns Murray
Linda Spiro Landers, Marie Sabia Martin
Rosemary D'Alberto Prock, Roseanne Senatore Adams, Rosalie Meunier Pahel
Liza Kosel, Maryanne DeGennaro Herzog
Joanne Fiore-Powell, Carol Zimel Cohen
Jean Valentine Ward, Barbara Wright Passmore, Florence Anton Snider, Lillian Wright Patton, Tom Patton
Louise Dietz, Shirley Gordineer Townsend, Frances Freer Monahan
Judy Juracka, Bobbi Burns Murray, Pat McKeown Withers
Wanda Smith Terwilliger, Elsa Thompson, B.J. Bozzone Fenton
Petrina Tantillo Tersillo, Maureen Galloway Johnson, Linda Spiro Landers, Maria Sabia Martin

Sandra Longfield, Virginia Stadtfeld Esser, Petrina Tantillo Tersillo
Maureen Galloway Johnson, Petrina Tantillo Tersillo
Rose Marie Strippoli, Leslie Drojak
Deborah Aimis Solomon, Josephine Cilmi Dayger
Carol Zimel Cohen, Ruth Gerson Solomon

Barbara Wright Passmore, Jean Valentine Ward

Leslie Drojak with plaque honoring founding sisters of Theta

Monday, July 7, 2014

1969 Video on Ulster County

Thanks to Naomi Rubin for sharing this video!

 Click on the link below...

Ulster County, New York: "County of Contrasts" circa 1969 IBM

Here are some photos lifted from the video...